Welcome to Momma Spankings, a site dedicated to mother/daughter spanking scenarios. There are many female tops who play the role of mom to naughty bratty girls. See everything from traditional over the knee bare bottom spanking, to mouth soaping, diapering, caning, hairbrush spanking, and strapping, plus so much more. Sarah is in a real life relationship with both Miss Elizabeth and as many of you know, Dana Specht. A lot of the spankings she does with each of these women include real punishment as well as role play. Sarah also enjoys playing “mommy” in some of the videos to some of the younger models who appear here. This site is Sarah’s true passion. There is nothing she enjoys more than being spanked by a maternal and nurturing mommy figure.

Mother Knows Best

Cassy was with her irresponsible dad all weekend at the amusement park ignoring her worried mom's texts and calls. Mom is very worried and angry when Cassy gets home. She feels that she knows what is best for her daughter and some discipline is in order to teach her that she needs to be more responsible and check in with mom when with her dad. Mommy knows the divorce was hard on her but that is no excuse for the behavior. It is right over mom's lap for a hard hand spanking followed by the wooden hairbrush. Cassy kicks and yelps in pain, but learns the lesson she needs to learn. JOIN FOR MORE

Harley's Attitude Adjustment

Snow is Harley's new young stepmom and "trophy wife" as Harley so rudely calls her. Snow is fed up and sick of being treated like a doormat by Harley. After getting permission from her new husband, Harley's dad, she confronts her rude step-daugher with a surprise and not the good kind. If Harley is going to insist that Snow is a bitch, she might as well live up to the expectation. She takes the rude struggling Harley over her lap for a hard spanking with her hand, Harley's sandal and the hairbrush. When Harley is crying she knows she has gotten trough to her and adjusted the brats attitude. JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah's Foul Mouth Punishment

This is another real punishment film featuring Sarah and her scene Mommy, Miss Elizabeth. While they were at Six Flags this past summer, Sarah didn't use very appropriate language while on one of the scary roller coasters. In fact, she dropped the "F bomb" so many times on the one ride that Mommy was astonished, embarrassed, and very upset. After they talked about it later, it was decided that Sarah would be punished for this with not only a spanking, but a mouth soaping. Sarah was not looking forward to this one bit, but knew it was coming. They decided to film this real punishment as well so you all could see it. Sarah got a very hard hand and bath brush spanking. She hates the bath brush so much, but mommy knows that is what will really drive the message home. After her spanking, she is given her first ever real mouth soaping. It was sudsy, messy, and very upsetting, so upsetting to the point that it made her cry real tears. Don't miss this very real and very strict punishment between a real life scene mommy and baby girl!!! JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy and Daddy Spank Luci

Mommy and Daddy cannot believe that Luci took it this far and put her life in danger. There is no more talking, it is time for Luci to learn a very painful lesson. Mom and dad are so disappointed in their daughter. It embarrasses them that to be as old as she is, she needs to be treated like a child and spanked like a naughty little girl. Mom spanks her over her tight jeans, but not long as they come right down for a bare bottom spanking. Next daddy takes the belt to her as she lays there sorry and crying real tears. Luci won't be making bad decisions anymore. JOIN FOR MORE

A Visit From Mom

Sarah is living away at college and the last thing she expects is for her mother to show up unannounced. Mom is shocked to come to Sarah's college apartment to find that her daughter is skipping classes and sleeping late as she is spending too much time partying. She always tried to be the cool mom, but apparently that hasn't worked. It is time for mom to get strict and teach her daughter that college is not just about drinking and partying, it is about getting an education. Sarah goes over mom's lap for a very deserving spanking and is one very sorry girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Quinn's Attitude Adjustment

Mommy had had it with Quinn's attitude and behavior lately. The smoking, swearing, dressing in ripped clothing, staying out late, and general rudeness has got to stop. Clearly new measures need to be taken to change Quinn's horrible attitude. Mom has never spanked before, but decides that the time has come to take her naughty misbehaving ungrateful daughter over her knee for a much deserved spanking with hand and brush. It is not long before Quinn is promising to change and to be a good girl. Clearly spankings are what this brat needed. JOIN FOR MORE

Stepmother Takes Charge

Chrissy doesn't feel that she needs to give her new stepmother respect since she is not her real mother. Well, Chrissy is in for a surprise when her stepmother, Christina, decides that it is time that this sassy rude brat learns her lesson the hard way. She takes her step daughter over her lap for a long over do hand and hair brush spanking. JOIN FOR MORE

Foul Mouth Punishment

Mommy had received a very upsetting phone call from Cassy's teacher the day before. Cassy had used very foul language towards her teacher! Mom was shocked and humiliated that her daughter would do such a thing. The next morning (Saturday) Cassy thinks she is going to have a nice relaxing morning. Little does she know Mom is waiting in the bathroom for her and has the perfect punishment in mind for this naughty cursing girl. A swift over the knee hard hand and bath brush spanking precedes a mouth soaping ,in fact the first mouth soaping Cassy has ever received! She is a very sorry, regretful little girl when mommy is finished with her! JOIN FOR MORE

Spanked after Church

Ten embarrassed her mother (played by Miss Anna) during Communion at their local church. She was marched home and mother is in no mood to reason or argue with her daughter about the appalling behavior she witnessed earlier. Ten is told to go over her mom's lap, still in her Sunday Best clothes, and is spanked straight away. Mom spanks hard over her panties but Ten doesn't seem contrite at all so she removes her panties and what little protection she has left. Now her daughter feels vulnerable and ashamed as Ten's bare bottom is spanked harder and harder. She kicks and wails but mother continues because Ten's lack of remorse only infuriates her mother more! Mom takes out a hairbrush from her purse and uses this while her daughter's bare, exposed bottom is still bare and quivering from the spanking. Ten really struggles to take this hairbrush punishment and she writhes in pain as the unforgiving wooden implement marks her bottom without mercy. Ten understands the lesson that mom will not tolerate this sort of unruly behavior in future! JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy's Wooden Spoon

Mommy has waited up all night for her daughter. Sarah apparently went to a frat party with Adriana Evans and Stevie Rose. Mom was worried sick that something bad happened to Sarah. Sarah tries to lie her way out of it, but that only makes things worse for her. It's right over mommy's lap for a hard hand spanking. Next she is bent over the counter and given the wooden spoon until she is crying real tears and promising to never worry mommy like that again. JOIN FOR MORE
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