Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory; Momma and Babygirl. These two have what is called a "scene relationship" as mother/daughter. Also, in real life, Dana has described Sarah as "the daughter she has always wanted." Dana loves Sarah as she would love a daughter which means she also loves her enough to discipline her when needed. They also have fun making fantasy videos with different role play scenes that sometimes involve guest models as well. On this website you can watch videos that include real punishments as well as fun mommy/daughter role plays. Updated 3 times a week with videos and/or photo galleries. New addition to the site are other mommy/daughter themed videos with Sarah playing "mommy" along with other scene celebs playing her mom.


Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory

I am Sarah Gregory. Welcome to my second spanking members site. I am a spanking/fetish model. I have been modeling for about 6 years now and have been featured on many of today's hottest spanking websites. I also do a lot of bondage, glam, and lingerie modeling with established photographers. I have had a spanking fetish since as long as I can remember. My favorite spankings are traditional domestic disciplinary related themes as well as sensual spankings with other women. To have my own spanking sites has been a dream that is finally a reality. See also, www.sarahgregoryspanking.com.

Dana Specht

Dana Specht

Dana "Momma" Specht is one of today's most well known professional disciplinarians. She is very skilled in her spanking technique. She also knows how to give a good long scolding. Playing the role of mommy, aunt, teacher, and boss are some of her favorites. SO, the role of Sarah's Mommy comes quite naturally. You can see her passion and enjoyment with spanking in any of her videos. Her video website is www.danaspecht.com


Little Sarah's Spanking

This is another of Sarah's famous age play videos. Momma has told her little Sarah multiple times to clean her room. Sarah ignores it and gets ready to go to her friend's Birthday party instead. When Sarah says she is ready to go, Momma asks her if her room is clean and Sarah says no. She says she will not do it and has a tantrum. Momma is not happy by her little brats behavior and gives her the spanking she deserves. JOIN FOR MORE

Daddy Spanks for Momma

Momma is away on her summer vacation and can't discipline Sarah because of it. She sends Daddy Paul an email about some infractions Sarah has collected. The first is her messy room, once again, and the second, a bit more serious; insulting herself and putting herself down. Daddy gives Sarah an OTK spanking for her first infraction but the second one warrants her to strip down and lay over the pillows for a bare bottom strapping. JOIN FOR MORE

Prank Punishment

It's Halloween and Melody has decided to go trick or treating even though she is too old for that. She is 19 and should be at home helping mom hand out candy. When people refuse to give this teenager candy she plays some not so nice pranks on them (leaving them tricks because she doesn't get treats). Mom hears of this crude behavior and gives her naughty daughter a hard bare bottom spanking and hairbrushing when she gets home. JOIN FOR MORE

Discipline Therapy Session Remastered

This video depicts a real discipline therapy session when you request the services of Dana Specht. Sarah Gregory plays the role of a first-time client coming to see Ms Specht for help with her life. She admits she is unorganized, lacks motivation to exercise regularly, doesn't eat properly, or drink enough water. Her last resort is discipline therapy. Ms Dana explains her rules to Sarah and prepares her for her discipline spanking. Sarah is given a bare bottom hand spanking, followed by a severe strapping, then a paddling and caning. Ms Dana extracts promises from Sarah throughout the session as she emphasizes her rules with every smack, whack, and lash. (These are all actually real life issues that Sarah deals with). JOIN FOR MORE

The Bad Babysitter

Mommy is NOT happy when she returns home to find out that Tasha, the babysitter, has spanked her daughter. Momma is the only one who spanks Sarah when she misbehaves. Not only has this babysitter spanked Sarah, but she tried to lie about it. Momma Dana is pissed off and gives this babysitter the kind of spanking she will never forget. She pulls down Tasha's panties and gives her a HARD hand spanking, strapping, paddling, and the wooden spoon while Sarah cheers on from the other room. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy's Spanked Schoolgirl

Sarah plays Mommy to Alex. Mommy is not happy to get a phone call from her daughter's teacher. She learns that little Alex has been using bad language at school. Mommy is sitting on the couch waiting for her naughty daughter to come home from school. She gives her a good scolding, then bare bottom spanking and hairbrush spanking. Alex is one sorry little girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Butt on Fire Remastered in HD

This is an older video if a another very HARD spanking. It has been remastered in beautiful HD1920x1080. Dana is not too happy to find Sarah experimenting with a cigarette. She gives her a long hard right to the bare bottom discipline spanking that brings real tears! JOIN FOR MORE

Cheer Lies

This video is from Sarah's archives. The wonderful Chelsea Pfeiffer portrays Sarah's mom in this classic. This video just HAD to come to momma spankings and be brought to people's attention as it is one of Sarah's harder spankings from the classic Sarah days when she began her career. You don't want to miss this one. Even though not done originally in 1920 HD format, it is still an amazing spanking video. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Little Siblings

In the age play video, Justin and Sarah are naughty siblings who are on vacation with mommy and just won't behave. Momma is trying to have her nap and these two brats won't stop fighting. Momma has had enough and has to deal with them the way they learn best, with OTK bare bottom spankings. Justin is the instigator so he also gets two different hairbrushes across his bare bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

The Bad Little Girl

In this mother/daughter role play, Sarah plays a young mom whose daughter is way out of control. Mandie will not take mom seriously and go to bed when told. Mom sees her therapist who suggests that she use discipline to teach her daughter to listen. Pushover mom Sarah is finally taken seriously when she spanks her bratty daughter. She is a pushover no more. JOIN FOR MORE
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