Welcome to Momma Spankings, a site dedicated to mother/daughter spanking scenarios. There are many female tops who play the role of mom to naughty bratty girls. See everything from traditional over the knee bare bottom spanking, to mouth soaping, diapering, caning, hairbrush spanking, and strapping, plus so much more. Sarah is in a real life relationship with both Miss Elizabeth and as many of you know, Dana Specht. A lot of the spankings she does with each of these women include real punishment as well as role play. Sarah also enjoys playing “mommy” in some of the videos to some of the younger models who appear here. This site is Sarah’s true passion. There is nothing she enjoys more than being spanked by a maternal and nurturing mommy figure.

The American Brat

Sarah is living in the UK with her new stepmom and father. She has been nothing but disrespectful to her. She is planning to go out but step mommy Soria doesn't like Sarah's attitude or how she is dressed. After an argument where Sarah swears at her, she is taken over the knee and given a hard spanking. First she is spanked over her tight slutty dress. Then, when the dress is pulled up, there is shock when there are no panties on this naughty girl. She is spanked even harder by her step-mother. After her punishment she is made to stand in the corner, bare red bottom on display for added humiliation. JOIN FOR MORE

Anna Spanked and Mouthsoaped by Mommy

Anna's foul language is atrocious! Mom is waiting in her room for a disciplinary confrontation about the disgusting attitude her daughter has exhibited recently only to hear more filthy words coming from her potty mouth. She even calls her mother by her name and not mom! Well, mommy has had enough of this and she takes her naughty, swearing daughter over her lap for a hard, deserving spanking. Now, Anna changes her tune and it is all "sorry mommy" and "I've learned my lesson"... well it is all far too late for false platitudes and and mom spanks her until her bottom is a deep, shameful sore red color. This time, she has an additional punishment in mind... and that is a thorough mouth soaping to wash those disgusting words out of her daughter's mouth. Anna cries and promises to be good in between bouts of some very sudsy cleansing that really shocks her! She has never been mouth soaped like this... it is just awful! Oh how she regrets using such foul language... Anna is a pitiful mess! The taste of the bubbles reach everywhere inside her mouth as she retches from that white bar of sudsy soap but mom continues to scrub her tongue until she feels that an example has been made. JOIN FOR MORE

Stepmother's Tough Love

Mackenzie has been skipping school to hang out with her boyfriend, Justin. Her stepmother has not only forbidden her to see him, but is concerned by the fact that she is skipping school... and that is wholly unacceptable. Mackenzie plays it off as no big deal, but her step mommy, Snow Mercy, won't have this kind of behavior in her home. She takes Mackenzie over her lap for a hard spanking, something she should have given this brat a long time ago. She spanks her hard on her bare bottom and finishes with the nasty wooden hair brush which has poor Mackenzie kicking and sobbing until step mommy believes she has learned her lesson. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Opal

Opal has been an absolute nightmare to her mother recently. She has been dressing inappropriately, argumentative and having a serious attitude with mommy... and now enough is enough! Mommy calls the naughty daughter into her bedroom to teach Opal a lesson the old fashioned way, since nothing else seems to work. Opal ends up over mommy's lap for a spanking on her tight jeans, slutty panties and finally... the bare bottom when her attitude doesn't change. Having her bare bottom spanked like that makes her cry out in pain as she struggles and wriggles out of the spanking but mommy leg locks her to make sure the punishment is properly carried out. As Opal's bottom turns a darker shade of red, mommy decides that her daughter has learned her lesson. It is one of the hardest hand spankings that she has ever had to dish out to her daughter. She is sent to bed to think about the consequences of her recent poor behavior. JOIN FOR MORE

Sisters Spanked and Diapered

Adriana is sick and tired of being annoyed all the time by her little sister, Kiki. If she wants to continue acting like a bratty baby sister, then Adriana has something special in mind. She just happens to have diapers available and decides to humiliate Kiki... the younger brat is held down as she is diapered by big sis! Mom hears the commotion and is shocked and angry at Adriana for putting her sibling in a diaper. She won't hear Adriana's side of things and immediately takes her eldest daughter over her lap for a spanking, whilst allowing Kiki to look on. Kiki is amused and loves seeing her sister punished. After a hard hand and hairbrush spanking, mommy decides to treat Adriana the same way that she had done to Kiki. She puts her into a diaper... but not before Adriana is made to ask for it, which she loathes doing. After both sisters are sitting in their diapers, mommy asks them to hug and make up. This whole affair has upset their mother after the shock of what she had witnessed. Having the time to think it over, she asks Kiki to meet her in the living room as she needs to have a "talk". She decides that Kiki has been annoying her older sister far too often recently even when asked multiple times to stop. Kiki needs to be punished, so of course it is over mommy's lap for a hard hand and wooden hairbrush spanking that has her regretting being such a brat. How embarrassing for Kiki... the final act from mommy is sending her to bed early with a very sore, stinging bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy and Daddy Spank Jessica

We introduce new video top and bottom in this fabulous traditional film. Ophelia Dehaviland plays mom and Jessica Taylor co-stars. Jessica thinks she is getting away with staying out past curfew because it is only one hour late. She doesn't expect a worried and angry mom and dad in the living room waiting for her upon her sneaking in quietly. She tries to lie her way out of a punishment, but that only infuriates her parents more. She knows she is in for it now. Mommy drags a protesting naughty Jessica over her lap, raises her skirt and spanks her over her revealing panties. Next it is daddy's turn to turn Jessica's bottom an even darker shade of red. But mommy wants one more turn at her daughter's bare bottom before standing her in the corner to think about her actions. Then it is off to bed for them all. Jessica will be sleeping on her tummy for sure so she can nurse her red swollen bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Too Late for Sorry

Mommy asked Apricot to do just one thing and that was to be "upstairs" and out of sight when she got home. The reason is becasue Mother has a new guy and after their date she wanted to bring him home. The only thing is... she didn't tell him that she has a kid. Naturally... Apricot didn't listen and is in the living room when mom gets back from her date night. Mom's new male friend flees at the sight of Apricot and Mom is so angry and upset that her daughter would be so selfish not to do this one favor. She takes her over her lap for a very well deserved spanking. Mommy spanks Apricot over her tight shorts, then quickly over her panties before ensuring that this time her daughter would be getting a spanking on the bare bottom. She doesn't just use her hand, not this time... Mommy's evening ir ruined and she intends to ruin Apricot's upturned bottom with the wooden hairbrush. So, poor Apricot kicks her legs and cries out with each hard swat but she only has herself to blame for her selfish, sorry behavior. JOIN FOR MORE

Double Discipline for Sarah

Sarah is very surprised to find her mother and her teacher both sitting in her living room. Mommy is also very surprised that her innocent, or at least she thought innocent, daughter is dressed in tight jeans and a crop top. This is not how a proper young lady dresses and that is just what Miss Fonda is there to discuss. Sarah has been leaving the house covered up, but making herself a bit more slutty and flirtatious when she arrives to school. Miss Fonda knows that Sarah's mom takes discipline very seriously and is prepared to learn just how to keep this brat in line. Sarah is mortified that not only is mommy going to spank her, but her teacher will as well. Sarah is spanked by mom over her tight jeans, slutty panties and then of course on the bare bottom. Next, it is her teacher's turn to redden her bottom even further. She looks to her mother with the "puppy dog eyes" which don't work this time. Mom is happy to see Miss Fonda administer a good solid spanking to her slutty daughter. After, the hand, both use the Mason & Pearson hairbrush on Sarah which stings terribly and has her squirming and kicking in pain. Sarah has learned a very valuable lesson from mom and teacher today about the proper way to dress and attitude to have about it. JOIN FOR MORE

Delta's Tearful Bedtime Spanking

Earlier that day, Delta was surprised to get a visit from Coach Lake who informed her mother about her bad behavior at cheer practice. She was spanked by her mom and caned by him. He suggested that she also be spanked that evening to drive the message home as he believed that "a spanking in the day means a spanking at night". So, that night, a disappointed mom waits for Delta on the couch. Delta hesitantly comes in and lays over mommy's lap to accept more punishment. Mommy gives her naughty daughter a hard hand spanking followed by an even harder hairbrush spanking with the dreaded wooden implement. This makes Delta kick, squirm and struggle as she sobs loudly over mother's lap. The tears really flow... and with an uncomfortable, messy, tear stained face... she promises to be a good girl from now on. After the spanking she is sent to bed with a very sore bottom and where she can cry herself to sleep. JOIN FOR MORE

The British Brat

Zoe Page is the quintessential "British Brat" in this fabulous new traditional domestic film playing opposite Madame Samantha B who portrays her new step-mom. Zoe is such a brat and gives her new hated stepmother a hard time, reminding her that she is not good enough for her Daddy and behaving atrociously. With this awful behavior going unchecked, Samantha had words with her husband... and unfortunately for Zoe, Daddy has given permission for Samantha to deal with his precious (or is that precocious?) daughter the old fashioned way like he used to. Samantha gleefully informs the out of control brat that she has been given permission to discipline her by putting her over her knee for some good old fashioned spanking. However, Zoe does not make it easy at all, she protests and throws a complete tantrum which only infuriates her stepmother more. She removes Zoe's panties and stuffs them into her mouth as she is sick of hearing her stupid remarks and constant complaining. The tantrums don't stop so Samantha uses a leather paddle on the struggling brat's behind. Zoe tries to answer back but all Samantha can hear are muffled noises through the panties stuffed in her mouth. The spanking continues and the muffled sounds are replaced with the loud slapping and swats of her hand and leather paddle on a bare, exposed sore bottom. Zoe is one sad sorry little girl by the time her spanking is over. Finally, Samantha makes her stand up and rub her bottom so she can admire her handiwork and add to the British stepdaughter's humiliation. JOIN FOR MORE
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