Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory; Momma and Babygirl. These two have what is called a "scene relationship" as mother/daughter. Also, in real life, Dana has described Sarah as "the daughter she has always wanted." Dana loves Sarah as she would love a daughter which means she also loves her enough to discipline her when needed. They also have fun making fantasy videos with different role play scenes that sometimes involve guest models as well. On this website you can watch videos that include real punishments as well as fun mommy/daughter role plays. Updated 3 times a week with videos and/or photo galleries. New addition to the site are other mommy/daughter themed videos with Sarah playing "mommy" along with other scene celebs playing her mom.


Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory

I am Sarah Gregory. Welcome to my second spanking members site. I am a spanking/fetish model. I have been modeling for about 6 years now and have been featured on many of today's hottest spanking websites. I also do a lot of bondage, glam, and lingerie modeling with established photographers. I have had a spanking fetish since as long as I can remember. My favorite spankings are traditional domestic disciplinary related themes as well as sensual spankings with other women. To have my own spanking sites has been a dream that is finally a reality. See also, www.sarahgregoryspanking.com.

Dana Specht

Dana Specht

Dana "Momma" Specht is one of today's most well known professional disciplinarians. She is very skilled in her spanking technique. She also knows how to give a good long scolding. Playing the role of mommy, aunt, teacher, and boss are some of her favorites. SO, the role of Sarah's Mommy comes quite naturally. You can see her passion and enjoyment with spanking in any of her videos. Her video website is www.danaspecht.com


Punishment for Angel

Angel is in big trouble with mom, she was caught smoking. She waits in her room in her cute PJs for momma to come in. She sits there in fear knowing she is going to be spanked and she knowing she deserves it. Mom comes in and within minutes her daughter is over her lap for a very hard spanking. Mom lectures and scolds Angel on why smoking is bad. She is only spanking her because she loves her and cares about her. See a very hard and very real spanking between Angel and Tasha Lee. JOIN FOR MORE

Adriana's Attitude Adjustment

Adriana has been nothing but a sassy little brat to her mom and mommy is pissed off. Adriana is to be taught a lesson over strict mom's knee with a spanking on her PJ shorts, then on her bare bottom. When the sassy back talk still continues, mommy makes her ask for the hairbrush. It is only then when the hard wooden hairbrush is coming down on poor Adriana's bottom that she is promising she will never have a bad attitude with mom again. JOIN FOR MORE

Spanked Before School

Introducing new top, Samantha in this traditional mommy daughter film. Sarah doesn't want to go to school as she didn't study for her test. Mommy takes her temperature rectally (how humiliating!) as she says this is the most accurate way. Sarah is lying, she has no fever and mommy is very upset. She takes her naughty daughter over her knee for a spanking over her PJs, then on the bare bottom with her hand and hairbrush. Then she puts her on all fours for the slipper. Sarah is humiliated, and one sorry little girl. I don't think she will be lying to mommy again. JOIN FOR MORE

Slacking Daughter

In this old fashioned style film, Harley has been neglecting her responsibilities to her horse. She must brush, feed, and clean his stall every day. Momma find that again she has not done this chore and confronts a bratty daughter. Momma takes Harley over her knee for a spanking on her bare bottom with hand and hairbrush. Harley is soon contrite and promising to do all her chores. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Rachel

Rachel is acting like a little brat. Mommy specifically told her not to go on the boat without an adult and Rachel decides to do it anyways. When mom finds her out there, she throws a tantrum and has to be dragged off the boat, inside, and right over mom's knee for the punishment she deserves. Mommy gives her naughty daughter a hard spanking, then makes her change into her PJs for the hairbrush. Rachel is a sorry little girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Isobel

Mommy is very very angry with Isobel, but she waits until they are at the hotel and she is more calm to deal with her. She scolds Isobel and tells her how upset and disappointed she is in her and how she knows she deserves a spanking. Isobel knows that destroying the house with her friends which led to the insurance company having to put them up in a hotel while they did repairs was a very bad thing. She feels awful about what she did and that she really upset her mom. She takes her punishment like a good girl even though it is so embarrassing and it stings her bottom terribly. Mommy doesn't stop spanking her naughty girl until her bottom is bright red. JOIN FOR MORE

The Naughty Stepdaughter

Belle has been a very disrespectful and spiteful girl to her stepmom. Belle has never been spanked by her strict stepmom, but it's time. Strict Miss Svenson takes her naughty stepdaughter, Belle, over her lap for a hard hand spanking before giving her 6 very hard cane strokes that have her crying out in pain. I think Belle will be a lot more respectful after this punishment. JOIN FOR MORE

Sister's Shameful Spanking

Stevie takes it upon herself to spank her younger sister, Alex, when Alex is simply annoying her. Alex is only annoying her because she wants to play with the older sister she adores. Mom walks in on this and is surprised and appalled at what is going on. She has NEVER given Stevie permission to spank her sister. She quickly tells Alex to get up and scolds Stevie. She then takes Stevie over HER knee for a dose of her own medicine. Alex gets to look on as she watches her older sister get it. This is even more embarrassing for Stevie having Alex watch her bare behind get turned red. Mom spanks Stevie hard with her hand and the wooden hairbrush until Stevie is struggling and promising never to spank her sister again. JOIN FOR MORE

Over Momma's Knee

In this age play film, Angel plays the defiant and disobedient daughter. She was told not to play in the rain and she decided to do it anyways. This made her get sick and have to miss school. When Angel is feeling better she is ready to go to her friends house, but momma won't have this. She tells Angel she is not going anywhere and scolds her about how what she did was dangerous and bad. She is lucky she just caught a cold, it could have been a lot worse. Angel learns the hard way about what happens when she misbehaves. It's over her momma's knee for some hard hand spanking and hairbrush spanking. Momma doesn't stop until Angel is crying and promising to be a good girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Miss Kane's School of Manners

Now see Sarah's FIRST ever age play spanking film re-edited and remastered into FULL HD1920 - In this long play film, Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Dana Kane for a week to learn how to behave like a proper young lady. Sarah is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of school. This is her parent's last resort for their bratty little girl. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Sarah learns some very important lessons, which also include getting a spanking when she is disrespectful, sassy, and childish. JOIN FOR MORE
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