Sarah's Snowglobe Shenanigans

So in real life, Sarah collects these really pretty Disney snowglobes because she loves them. So, she decided to do a film loosely based on, what is for some, an issue. Miss Bernadette plays Sarah's mom and comes home to find that Sarah, yet again, has been ordering more of these globes online and is opening them in the living room. Sarah tries to deny it and hide what is in the box saying it is a mother's day gift, but mom knows that is nonsense and demands to know what she is hiding. She cannot believe that Sarah has purchased more of these ridiculous globes and is prepared to put a stop to this behavior. She tries to explain to Sarah that this is a real problem, but when she sees that she is getting nowhere like this... the next step is a spanking. Sarah is taken over mommy's lap for a spanking over her cute dress, then on her panties, and finally on the bare bottom. In the end, mommy says that she is going to spank her 33 times with the hairbrush. One swat for each snowglobe she owns. Sarah doesn't think this is very fair but of course, has no choice in the matter and does as she is told. Mommy leaves Sarah rubbing her sore red bottom. Sarah is one sad sorry little girl who won't be buying any more snowglobes in the future. JOIN FOR MORE

Delta's Maternal Discipline

Delta has been put in the corner by mother. How dare she go to an interview dressed in such a short tight dress? Hasn't she any more class than that? She was raised better than this. After her time in the corner, Momma Dana beckons her "so called" grown-up daughter to her side and scolds the sorry looking girl before taking her over her lap. Delta is then spanked hard and fast on her bare bottom by Dana's heavy hand. This is only the start of her punishment as Delta is told to go ask for the hairbrush on her bare bottom and presents the Mason & Pearson brush as tears clearly roll down her face. Momma Dana doesn't feel in the least bit sorry for her. So it is right back over the lap for a hard fast spanking with Momma's hairbrush as Delta cries, sobs and wriggles in pain from this hairbrush spanking. A sniveling Delta is then told to face the wall for more corner time to reflect on her appalling behavior. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks and Soaps Gena

Mom is shocked when she goes into her daughter's room to say goodnight only to find that there are only pillows under the covers but no daughter. She waits angrily in Gena's room so she will be there when the naughty girl comes back late into the night. Gena is surprised to see her mom in her room and tries to explain that there was a party she really wanted to go to. Mommy is beyond angry and takes her daughter over the lap for a very hard hand spanking, first over her dress and then quickly onto the deceitful daughter's bare bottom and backs of the thighs. After Gena's bottom and legs turn a shameful dark crimson, it is time for the bath brush. She tells Gena to go fetch it then mom swings the wooden bath brush hard as Gena squeals out loud in pain. A spanking is not her only punishment, mom also plans to wash all the lies out of Gena's mouth. Be prepared for one of the nastiest, meanest sudsy mouth soapings filmed to date on our sites. If Gena is going to lie to mom, then these lies need to be thoroughly scrubbed out! JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy and Daddy Cane Elori

Elori has really gone and done it this time with her unending appalling behavior that has crossed a red line this time. She was extremely rude at a large family gathering at mealtime and this was very embarrassing to her parents. Apparently, the severe paddling she was given the week before for her continuing horrid behavior didn't teach this spoilt brat a lesson. Now it is the cane, which she will get from both parents. Elori has never had the cane and is very nervous but knows her poor behavior has warranted this extreme punishment. Mommy and Daddy did not bother with a spanking, they are way beyond that, so they take turns to give her hard stroke after hard stroke. Her poor bottom and the backs of her legs are properly marked with very sore looking red welts. Such was her parent's anger, Elori even receives several cane strokes on the back of her calves which were beyond painful. At the end of this punishment, she is one very sorry looking young lady. JOIN FOR MORE

Cousins Spanked Together

In this custom film, Audrey and Sarah are cousins who are having a sleepover. Audrey's mom is going out and puts the babysitter in charge. She warns them if they are mean to the babysitter they will both be spanked on their bare bottoms. Later that evening, mom comes home to bad news; they were nasty to the babysitter and the promise of a spanking punishment was no idle threat! They are marched up to her bedroom and each taken over the knee one at a time for a hard spanking. Afterward, Sarah asks to go home and says she is not feeling well. Her aunt has ways to check this. Unknown to Sarah, she is to have her temperature taken in the most humiliating way possible... in front of her cousin and with the thermometer placed up inside her bottom! She doesn't like this one little as the thermometer does the job of embarrassing Sarah in front of her cousin Audrey. The girls will not forget this evening in a hurry and will learn to be more respectful in the future. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Helen

Helen has really done it this time and mom is very angry with her. Dad has called mom to give news that Helen was very rude to his new wife and to him while visiting for the weekend. Even if Helen doesn't like her, that is no excuse to be rude and disrespectful. Mom is the one who dishes out the discipline so when Helen comes home she is waiting for her in the spanking chair. After a bit of backtalk, it is right over mom's knee for a hard hand spanking. First over her panties, and then on the bare bottom. Her spanking finishes with the hairbrush which causes lots of leg kicking and apologies from the naughty daughter. JOIN FOR MORE

Smacked Bottom Soaped Mouth

Raven has fun taking selfies and chatting on the phone just as mom tries to ask her to get off the phone to help with the household chores. Raven ignores her mother... and apologizes to her friend saying her mom is just being "irritating". Now, mom has really had it. She takes the phone from her daughter which only infuriates Raven more, making her swear at mother. It is time Raven learned a lesson the hard way. Her attitude has been atrocious, she has been rude, been using foul language and it's time for her to be punished. Mommy takes rude Raven over her lap for a hard hand spanking. Next, she is made to go and get the strap and positioned over the sofa bent over with her bare bottom fully exposed. Mom straps her very hard until there are tears and apologies. But, that is not enough, not by a long shot! The bath brush is next for this annoying little brat. It is back over mom's lap for a hard dose of the wooden bath brush. As tears flow and legs kick, mom knows she is finally getting the message through. With just one final punishment, mom knows just how to deal with that foul mouth of Raven's... a nasty mouth soaping. Raven receives a very sudsy soaping which leaves her with a tear-stained face, and soap filled mouth... sobbing and promising to be a good girl from now on and respect her mother at home. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Sage

Mommy is shocked to walk into the living room on her daughter Sage dressed in what looks like a skimpy nightgown. Sage proclaims she is waiting for her college age boyfriend to get there to take her out. Well, mom is not having that and plans to send him home as soon as he arrives. But first, she is going to teach Sage a lesson about dressing like a little tart. Mommy takes her slutty looking daughter over her lap for a good old fashioned spanking. When she pulls up the dress, there is no panties, horrified, she spanks Sage even harder. The spanking ends with the hairbrush which draws out lots of apologies to be a good girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Cousins Punished

Cara has her cousin over to visit for a sleepover. Momma asked that they help with some chores such as doing the dishes and other easy housework. Instead they are talking about sneaking out instead, only they are caught in this conversation. Momma is very unhappy. Well, when her daughter misbehaves this is always dealt with a spanking punishment. Kiki is also spanked since she was in on it too. Both girls are spanked in front of the other for maximum embarrassment over Momma's knee. She always starts on a naughty girl's bared bottom. She ensures that they remove their panties so that her stinging hand can redden each of their sore red bottoms before using her favorite implement of correction, the hairbrush! Of course. a spanking in the day means a spanking at bedtime, so they are to report back to Momma later that evening for more early bedtime spankings to ensure they will be well behaved, well-meaning young ladies in her house from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Little Bratty Sarah Spanked

In this fun age play scene, Sarah is acting like a bratty little girl who doesn't want to go to bed. Mommy tries to get her to bed but Sarah complains and throws a hissy fit about it, even throwing her stuffed teddybear at Mommy. That is a big mistake. Mommy scowls and won't put up with this obnoxious bratty behavior, placing Sarah right over her lap for a spanking. Sarah is spanked over her drop-seat pajamas as she kicks out and continually complains. This leads to the spanking being carried out on the bare bottom until she finally apologizes and promises to be a good girl for Mommy and to do as she is told. Lovers of this style of ageplay discipline dynamic will not want to miss our latest bedtime spanking punishment film. JOIN FOR MORE
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