Sneaky Kalaisha Spanked

Kalaisha has been sneaking around by getting a job at Hooters. She knows that her mom won't approve, but she really loves the job and the money so continues to work there secretly. One night after work, she is sneaking in and doesn't realize that her mother is sitting in the foyer waiting for her naughty girl. Mom has a feeling Kalaisha is up to no good and she is right. Kalaisha still tries to lie even when she is caught wearing her work uniform and coming in late. When she misbehaves, she knows she gets spanked and that is precisely what is going to happen. Mommy spanks her naughty girl over her slutty Hooters shorts, her tights, and on her bare bottom with hand and brush. Kalaisha's bottom turns a dark shade of shameful crimson by the time this spanking is finished. After her punishment, she is sent upstairs to bed. JOIN FOR MORE

Slutty Violet Spanked by Mom

Violet has been sent home from school early for dressing inappropriately. She has worn a short tight dress and to top it off, she has failed to remember to wear panties. Mom is horrified at the sight of her daughter dressed like this. After a good scolding, she tells Violet to remove that offending dress, leaving her naked except for her shoes... emphasizing what a slut she is. Then mom takes Violet over her lap for a hard hand spanking, all the while making sure her girl feels thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed. To finish this punishment... the wooden hairbrush, in full view of poor Violet all this time, is used across her aching sore red bottom. Having to anticipate that hairbrush made it all the worse and that is exactly what her mom had planned. This short sharp shock style film features some excellent mean spankings with fantastic facial reactions from Violet. JOIN FOR MORE

Opal and Fae Spanked and Diapered

Opal and Fae are having a fun afternoon at Fae's house, but now it is time for the playdate to end and for Opal to go home. They don't like this and are very loud and bratty when told that it's time to finish. Between the talking back, whining, and plain rudeness, they earn a long overdue spanking. Mommy won't have this bratty and childish behavior in her house. If they are going to act like babies, they will be treated as such. They are each taken over the knee for a good hard hand spanking. Next, the brats are placed, side by side, over the edge of the bed as Mommy takes the family strap to their bare upturned cheeks. Their bottoms turn a dark shade of crimson as they cry out in pain. Their punishment isn't over yet though, Mommy has one more final humiliation for them: A diapering! She diapers the two naughty girls laid out on the bed, bared, legs parted and exposed next to each other. They can only cover their faces in utter shame and embarrassment with this humiliating part of their long punishment. Those who act like naughty petulant little girls get treated as such. JOIN FOR MORE

Bratty Stepdaughter Amelia

Amelia has been nothing but rude and disrespectful to her stepmother. Even when confronted about her nasty behavior, Amelia is still acting like a petulant little girl. Step-mommy knows just how to deal with brats like this: a good old fashioned spanking. She takes Amelia right over her lap first for a hand spanking and then with a leather paddle. Amelia finally starts to learn her lesson when her bottom gets a darker shade of red. She will not be showing this kind of disrespect anymore. JOIN FOR MORE

Raw Dinner Cooked Bottom

Andy was told to have dinner ready for when mom returns from work. Instead, on her day off, she decides to just hang around all day at home doing nothing while her mother is hard at work. When mom comes home to a still raw chicken she is very upset. She confronts Andy, who is sitting in the dining room with her feet on the table. Andy is very blasé about it all and has no valid excuse. Well, since there is no food cooking, mom is going to tenderize Andy's poor bottom and cook that until it is sore, red, and hot. Andy is spanked over her mom's lap on the high dining chair before she is given the wooden spoon bent over the table. Her cheeks are bared and vulnerable as the wooden implement bruises her aching sore bottom. She is one sorry young lady who learns that laziness at home has consequences. JOIN FOR MORE

Rachel Spanked and Diapered

Rachel has been having "accidents" and mommy is not happy. She takes her naughty girl to Doctor Gregory to make sure that there is nothing wrong that is causing this. After a medical exam including a rectal temperature taking, it is confirmed that Rachel is not sick and that she has a behavioral issue. The good Doctor knows just the treatment needed for this problem. She instructs mom to spank her daughter first, right there in the office. So, with her panties pulled down, Rachel is once more embarrassed and humiliated as mom doesn't hold back and gives her girl a hard hand spanking that brings her to tears. Then Dr. Gregory explains that putting her into some cute adult diapers will further embarrass Rachel to the point where she will stop wetting herself. This is a classic "Aversion" style therapy that sees her spanked and diapered if she doesn't behave in the future! JOIN FOR MORE

Broken Rules Sore Bottom

Kiki has a monthly Good Behavior Contract that she signs with her mother. It states that she must follow all the House Rules for that month otherwise come the 1st of the following month she will get two spankings. A spanking during the day and another later that evening. As it is the beginning of the new month, Kiki's Contract is reviewed and she knows that several House Rules have been broken. Mommy is very upset, thinking Kiki could do better... but rules are rules, and a spanking is in order. She is taken over mommy's lap and spanked hard over her leggings. Then she is told to pull them down herself before going back over the maternal lap. It isn't long before those panties come down as the hand spankings continue on her bare, reddening bottom. Kiki also knows that mommy always uses the wooden hairbrush which makes her squeal and kick her legs. Only once Kiki's bottom is a dark shade of crimson is she sent away and reminded that another spanking is to come before bedtime. Later that evening, after mommy gets back from dinner with friends, the poor girl is called to the living room for the promised 2nd spanking. She is spanked over her pajamas and then on the bare bottom. This time mommy also uses a small, nasty wooden paddle which really stings Kiki's already sore, aching spanked bottom. A sorry looking Kiki promises that she will do better to avoid breaking the rules, otherwise she knows exactly where she will be on the 1st of the next month! JOIN FOR MORE

Drivers Ed Disaster

Luci's driving instructor has had to bring her home early and have a discussion with her mom, Miss Bernadette. Luci has been having accidents while driving the instructor's car and getting the seat all wet. Luci says that it is the anxiety of learning to drive but this can not continue. Mom knows a perfect way to deal with this. After saying goodbye to Dave (the instructor), she has Luci go into the bedroom. Luci knows that this means punishment and she is very worried. After a good scolding, she has her leggings pulled down and goes right over mom's lap for a bare bottom spanking which stings terribly. Next, she is told to go and fetch the hairbrush on the dresser and get back over the lap. Mom spanks her hard with the brush. The punishment is far from over, next Luci gets the strap while she lays on the bed. When Mom feels that she has had enough discipline spankings, there is one more thing to make sure that Luci knows having accidents at her age is not okay. Mommy puts her 18-year-old girl in a diaper to ensure no more accidents and ensures she feels fully humiliated. Luci is mortified at this... and she is also told to put on a onesie and has a pacifier placed in her mouth. Luci is made to wear this all night and told that she will be wearing the big uncomfortable, crinkly diaper on her next driving lesson. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Daizy

Daizy has been a very naughty girl running and playing around the house as she would outdoors. Now she has broken some expensive china dishes bumping into them carelessly as she continued to play and ignored what she had done. Her stepmother has been told she can deal with Daizy any way she feels is most appropriate. It is not the first time this nonsense behavior has happened so words are not enough. Stepmother takes a forlorn-looking Daizy over her lap for a hard, hand spanking across her bared bottom. This brat really needs to learn her lesson so stepmom takes the hairbrush found next to the bed and uses this stinging implement on Daizy's aching, sore swollen behind. She is one sorry little girl who will do well to remember that her unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated in the future. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Madison

Madison has been spending more time focusing on gymnastics and less time on her school work. Mom is not happy about this and confronts her after school. Madison has no explanation other than she just likes gymnastics more. They have had this discussion before and talking has got nowhere so it's time to step it up a notch with a spanking for this naughty girl. Mommy takes Madison over her lap, spanking her over her school pinafore, then on her school regulation knickers, and finally on the bare, reddening sore bottom. She ends the punishment with the dreaded wooden hairbrush with turns Madison's bottom an even darker shade of painful crimson. Mommy leaves her naughty girl to think about the consequences of her punishment while she goes and prepares dinner. JOIN FOR MORE
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