Lexi's Afterschool Punishment

Lexi got herself into trouble after she was caught giving another student a blowjob at the back of the schoolyard. When Mother receives a phone call about this inappropriate behavior she is upset and horrified. When Lexi returns from school, mommy is waiting for her holding the punishment hairbrush in her hand, with a cane placed provocatively on the bed. Lexi knows she has done wrong but she still doesn't want a spanking or caning. That isn't going to happen as this type of behavior needs to be corrected and corrected quickly! Mommy takes the naughty girl over her lap for a hard hand and hairbrush spanking before giving her 24 stinging strokes with the cane on her bare sore bottom.  JOIN FOR MORE

1940's Maternal Discipline Scene Seven

Scene 7 - The discipline of the two eldest girls is far from finished. Both maternal figures decide that the naughty young ladies should receive another bedtime spanking the following evening at the hands of Frau Meyer. So that next day, each of the girls is taken, in turn, over the stern Swiss tutor's lap for an embarrassing spanking over the tight gym shorts before having the spanking continue across the bare bottom. During the discipline, they kick and squirm in pain, knowing deep down they both deserve this most uncomfortable of corrective punishments. JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah Spanked in the Kitchen

This film was inspired by real-life events. Sarah had decided to sprawl out on the counter as she liked the lighting and thought it was a comfortable place to take selfies. Her Mommy-Domme (Miss Bernadette) comes out of the bedroom, shocked as to why Sarah would be touching her “always wet” pussy to the counter where food is prepared. The kitchen counter is a sterile area for food, not for slutty submissives to be dirtying it. Sarah claims the panties protect her but Mommy remarks that Sarah’s panties are always wet too. After a few swift smacks to the naughty girl's bottom, Mommy takes her girl across her lap for a spanking. Sarah’s panties don’t cover her bottom so the spanking is on the bare cheeks whether pulled down or not. The panties are pulled tight into an uncomfortable wedgie to humiliate her, then she is asked to open the cupboard to take out the implements and hand one to Mistress to use OTK. Sarah hands her the small green leather paddle and as it gets used, she squirms and wriggles so she gets leg-locked for an uninterrupted dose of the stiff leather across her bare bottom. Next, Sarah must choose which one will be used next (both will be, of course) choosing the green strap as she is bent over, and Mommy swings the stinging leather implement hard repeatedly. Mommy puts the other strap on Sarah’s back and tells her if it falls, there will be consequences. Throughout the spankings, Mommy remarks on just how wet Sarah’s pussy seems to be and it keeps getting wetter! She points out that Sarah shouldn’t be lying on the counter and, naturally, enjoys embarrassing her babygirl by talking about her wet nether regions. When the second strap falls, she makes Sarah get on all fours and crawl to pick it up with her mouth, but she finds it difficult to use her teeth to hand it to her Mistress. The thicker stiffer strap is now taken to Sarah’s already sore bare bottom and she yelps in pain but Mommy doesn’t feel sorry for her one bit. She continues to strap Sarah’s bottom until it is dark crimson. She then balances all the beautiful leather implements on Sarah’s back leaving her there to think about her bad behavior. JOIN FOR MORE

1940's Maternal Discipline Scene Six

Scene Six: The discipline of the two eldest girls, Rebecca and Caroline, continues later that evening. However, this time the shopkeeper (Miss Foster) is invited to participate. Both young ladies were told to write a letter of apology which they would read out aloud to her. The following punishment takes place as each miscreant is dealt with once more at the hands of their mothers, Miss Baker and Mrs. Ridley. They are both given a stern scolding before being taken back over the maternal lap for a spanking on their pajamas, knickers, and naturally on the bare bottom. Miss Foster looks on with satisfaction at the thorough punishment taking place. After each girl's spanking, they must then read their letters to Miss Foster before she spanks them, in turn, with the hairbrush across their already sore, throbbing bare bottoms. The miscreants are then sent off to an early bedtime with visibly, smarting red bottoms. JOIN FOR MORE

Boarding School Failure

Kat has done it again by getting herself kicked out of the prestigious boarding school that her parents are paying good money for. The miscreant was sent home and failed to take her actions seriously.. this infuriates Mom, who plans to teach her naughty girl a proper lesson the old-fashioned way. In her day, poorly behaved girls were given a hard bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking. Throughout her punishment, she is constantly reminded and scolded about her poor behavior which only adds further embarrassment when her bare bottom is being smacked by Mommy's hand and the stinging Mason & Pearson brush over the maternal lap. Mom also makes it clear that Kat will get a job if she is going to be at home and not away at school. She will go back to public school and get a part-time job to learn how to behave. From now on, Kat will learn the hard way what happens to naughty girls who get thrown out of boarding school. JOIN FOR MORE

1940's Maternal Discipline Scene Five

Scene Five: Once again the two eldest daughters, Rebecca and Caroline, are dealt with at the hands of Miss Baker and Mrs. Ridley the next morning. Their punishment is far from over and all rather embarrassing. They are sent (in their school uniforms) to the shop to apologize in person for stealing. When they arrive back home, the girls are led upstairs to find the spanking rooms are set up for a small detention. They will be dealt with at the same time in adjacent bedrooms. They both receive the following discipline; An over-the-knee bare bottom spanking, hand rulering, bare bottom slipperings bent over, thigh smackings, line writing, and mind-numbing corner time to ensure they have plenty of time to reflect on their punishment and misbehavior. They even have their camisoles pulled up to expose their breasts for added humiliation. Rebecca and Caroline know that their punishments are still far from over and dread what is to come next!  JOIN FOR MORE

Five More Minutes

We are excited to welcome yet another new model to our network of sites, Ophelia Fox. In this debut performance, she doesn't want to get out of bed and Mother (Miss Matthews) becomes fed up trying to get her girl up for the 10th time hearing the same old "five more minutes" uttered from her naughty lazy daughter's mouth. She takes Ophelia over her lap for a well-deserved spanking with the hard maternal hand. Ophelia squirms and complains as the stinging hand reddens her bottom before the naughty girl is told to fetch the hairbrush to the side of the bed. Now she finally promises to be a good girl but Mother knows the only lesson learned is to ensure that the dreaded hairbrush teaches her about laziness from now on and get out of bed when called! JOIN FOR MORE

1940's Maternal Discipline Scene Four

Scene Four: The two eldest daughters, Rebecca and Caroline, are dealt with by the hands of Miss Baker and Mrs. Ridley. The girls are not punished by their own mothers but by the other maternal figures in the house... making for a more memorable, embarrassing punishment. The reason for this discipline was that they both decided to steal library books to sell them at a local antique shop to buy new clothes, including tight pencil skirts and girdles. The shopkeeper realized what the young madams were up to and came over to the house to inform Samantha and Felicity. They agree to deal with matters the old-fashioned way so as to not involve the police and later that evening both naughty young ladies are given a strict maternal spanking. They are spanked with the Mason and Pearson hairbrush over their pencil skirts, their girdles, panties, and finally across the bare bottom. Of course, they get the backs of their thighs smacked too before being sent to the wall for a lengthy time-out to reflect on their misdeeds. JOIN FOR MORE

Ziva Taught a Lesson

We are excited to welcome fetish model, Ziva Fey, to our websites. She is very talented, can take a spanking, and cries real tears. In this film, she has been out with a boy that Mommy has specifically banned her from seeing. She attempts to lie about where she was which only makes the punishment she is about to receive much worse. After a stern scolding, Ziva is taken over the maternal lap for a hard hand spanking across her bare buttocks. She kicks and squirms over Mommy's lap barely able to take her bottom smacking but is about to discover that this is far from over... She is asked to fetch the hairbrush before this is used to great effect as the punishment continues across her reddened cheeks which has her crying, tears flowing freely down her face. Ziva is taught a harsh lesson that a hairbrush spanking is especially painful on an already, throbbing, sore bruised bottom from an earlier punishment. Mommy hugs her girl lovingly afterward, reassuring Ziva that this is for her own good in the long term. JOIN FOR MORE

1940's Maternal Discipline Scene Three Part Two

Scene Three is long and split into two halves. This is Part 2: Amanda (Sophia Quinn) and Jennifer (Dolly Mattel) get their bedtime spankings at the hands of their mother, Miss Samantha Ridley. Their tutor, Frau Meyer, is invited to witness this punishment. The first naughty girl is instructed to come to the Dining Room and hand her mother the Pink Slip from class... the slips explain both girls' misdeeds in detail. They are told to write a letter of apology to their tutor for misbehaving and then they are led upstairs to the spanking room. Each girl is then disciplined soundly in the following manner; A hard hand is applied at the start with a back of the thigh smacking followed by a bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking over the maternal lap leaving each girl in no doubt that they have been thoroughly punished. Afterward, both miscreants were sent to their rooms for an embarrassingly early bedtime with sore red burning bottoms.  JOIN FOR MORE
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