Sarah Spanked Babysitter Spanked

Sarah has been a very naughty girl not wanting to go to bed and being a little brat to the babysitter. Babysitter Christina decides to take it upon herself to give Sarah a spanking. When mom comes come and walks in on this she is shocked, no one spanks her little girl except herself. To Christina's surprise, she is then pulled over the lap and spanked just how Sarah was spanked. Sarah sits back and makes fun of Christina smiling and teasing her. Mom is very upset at Sarah for this and plans now herself to deal with her bratty daughter when she is done spanking the babysitter. After Christina is sent on her way, it is Sarah's turn for a dose of the hand and hairbrush on her naughty little bottom until she is crying real tears. Mommy won't put up with this brattiness from her sweet little girl. Sarah is hugged and sent to bed with a very sore bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Punishment Day for Reyna

Reyna is in big trouble at school. Mom has been called in by Principal Snow to discuss this naughty girl's behavior. Mom is very shocked to learn that Reyna's report file is so big and she has been really misbehaving in school. Reyna thinks it's funny but that smile will soon be wiped off her face. Miss Snow explains how this kind of behavior is dealt with... and that is corporal punishment. It comes as no surprise that her mother is in full agreement. The Principal spanks Reyna in front of her mother and then has her mom spank her as well. How embarrassing! Both then give her 6 hard swats with the school's wooden punishment paddle before they head home. That evening, Reyna is summoned to the living room where her angry mom is waiting, hairbrush in hand and ready to continue the punishment. She knows the rule in this house: A spanking at school means a spanking at home. Mom wastes no time, removing Reyna's pajama bottoms, giving her daughter a hard wooden hairbrush spanking. After Reyna's bottom is sufficiently red, there is one more surprise; a mouth soaping to teach this naughty girl to use better language and not to be so rude to her teachers. Reyna drools and dribbles as the suds from the frothy soap bar do their job. By the end of this long day, she is one sad and sorry little girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Sneaky Slutty Sisters Spanked

Momma is angry and waiting in the kitchen wooden spoon in hand waiting for her little brats to come strolling in. Stevie and Skylar Rose (real life sisters) come in way past curfew dressed like little sluts. Momma is very unhappy and after a good tongue lashing, she is going to teach them a lesson they won't soon forget. Each girl is bent over the kitchen stool for a hard hand spanking followed by a spanking with the stinging wooden spoon. After, they are left rubbing their sore bottoms to think about things before heading to their rooms. JOIN FOR MORE

Momma Dana Spanks Lola

Momma Dana is very upset to receive a call from school that her daughter, Lola, has been strapped for misbehaving at school. Well, in this house, a spanking at school means a spanking at bedtime. So Momma is waiting for Lola upon her return from school. She scolds her daughter and tells her to go change into her PJs for an early bedtime... and she knows what that will mean an uncomfortable night's sleep ahead! Lola goes across her Momma's lap for a hard hand spanking done in her mean, methodical way; Over the panties then with them deliberately and slowly pulled down to shame her daughter further. It's not over by a longshot, poor Lola must also endure a hard, nasty hairbrush spanking that really has her squirming... only then is she sent to bed with a sore, throbbing bottom! JOIN FOR MORE

Arielle Spanked Strapped and Soaped

Mommy is shocked to find that her bedding is not how she left it and on top of that there is a condom wrapper on her bed and a used one in the trash can. She is waiting for her daughter to come home. But what she does not expect is Arielle to be wearing such a short slutty dress. Arielle has no shame when mother scolds her for having sex in her ned, so it is right over mom's lap for a hard hand spanking. Mommy didn't raise a little slut of a daughter and she is going to teach her a very strict lesson. Next, Arielle is bent over and given a hard stinging strapping on her visibly, sore swollen red bottom. Mommy doesn't hold back as she swings the stiff strap which grabs her daughter's full attention. Arielle swears at mom which only infuriates her more to the point of taking this foul brat into the bathroom and washing her dirty, nasty "slut mouth" out with soap. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Angelica

Cute Angelica sneaks down to the kitchen after she has been put to bed to get into the cookies that are being saved for her birthday party. Mommy catches her snacking while sitting on the counter and is very upset. This is not the first time Angelica has got out of bed to sneak downstairs. Mommy takes her naughty daughter over her lap for a spanking. Angelica squirms and struggles as the spanking starts over her pajamas so mommy pulls them down and spanks her bare bottom to make sure she feels it. She also spanks this brat with the hairbrush which really grabbed her attention and this finishes teaching her a lesson before sending her back to bed with a sore, red bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

More Tears for Sarah

Sarah is getting ready to leave and goes to say goodbye to mom. Momma doesn't like what Sarah is wearing and makes it clear to her that she will not be going out dressed like a slut. Then she spots some marks on her daughter's legs and wonders what in the heck they are. Sarah tries to lie her way out of it saying that she fell onto the barbecue but mom is not having any of it. The truth finally comes out as she tells mom that she is into BDSM. Momma Dana doesn't understand and Sarah has to explain. Well, Momma asks Sarah "what happens to naughty girls when they disobey their mothers?" Sarah replies, "but I don't like to be spanked, I am only into the other stuff!" - However, once momma makes up her mind, there is no going back. After a good long, humiliating scolding, she takes Sarah over her lap for a very hard hand and hairbrush spanking. Sarah squeals in pain, kicking her legs as the tears flow freely. By the end of this punishment, her poor face is a tear-stained mess. Sarah is one sore, very sorry girl who promises to behave. As she is hugged by Momma she knows not to tell such silly lies in the future. JOIN FOR MORE

Slut Shamed Daughter

Ava and her boyfriend, Ethan, have been asked to visit her mom's house. Ethan has no idea why, but mommy thinks Ava should have a clue. Mom is going to inform Ethan what a nasty little slut Ava is and let him know that she is not supposed to be dating anyone since she cannot keep her legs closed. Ava is humiliated to be called a dirty cock sucking whore and a hole for any passing penis in front of her latest crush. But mom has set her mind up to further embarrass her whore of a daughter. She takes naughty slutty Ava over her lap for a hard hand spanking and a leather paddling over her bare exposed bottom while boyfriend Ethan looks on. This is one mother who has had a lot of experience slut-shaming her wanton daughter... and it shows! JOIN FOR MORE

Stevie Learns Respect

Stevie has been very disrespectful to her new stepfather and this ongoing behavior is wholly unacceptable. Mother sits Stevie down alongside her husband to work this out and she still shows her stepdad contempt. He has been nothing but kind and helpful to Stevie, knowing this is a difficult time for her, and she has thrown it all back in his face. Mom has heard enough and tells Stevie she will be getting a spanking, the good old fashioned way. Mom takes her rude daughter over her lap as she is spanked over her tight jeans but they don't stay up for long. Stevie is told to remove them as the spanking continues over her tight revealing panties. It is not long until the hairbrush is also used to silence this insolent madam. The hairbrush spanking is hard and relentless over her bared cheeks as her stepdad looks on... how embarrassing! Next, Dave (stepdad) is told to spank Stevie. She finds this really humiliating but it's far too late for her to be worried about that now! After her over the knee spanking, she is told she will receive a caning from Dave. In his country this is common practice for naughty young ladies. She is given a "Baker's Dozen" of 13 hard, mean strokes. By the end of this punishment, she is one sorry contrite girl who learns that showing disrespect to those that care has very real consequences. JOIN FOR MORE

Slutty Casey Spanked by Mom

Mom is waiting in her daughter's room as there is no sign of her. Casey finally comes strolling in way past curfew, confronted by the sight of her angry mother in her bedroom. Casey is dressed like she has been out clubbing, her dress barely covers her body. Mommy didn't raise a slut and tells her so... she also tells Casey that she is about to teach a lesson the old fashioned way with a spanking! After a tongue lashing scolding, scolding, Casey is taken over mommy's lap for a hand spanking over her tight short dress. Then mom is shocked to see a thong on Casey when she lifts what is left of that skimpy garment. The spanking continues on her bare bottom until it is a nice shade of pink. It's not over for Casey as she must take her slutty dress as it is going in the trash. Casey lays on the bed while mom uses the leather strap. Poor Casey struggles in pain as her cute bottom is strapped harder and harder by mommy. The last 6 strokes she is to get on all fours so the skin is stretched and it will hurt far more. Mommy ensures that Casey's bottom is sore, leaving a sorry daughter to rub her swollen bottom better. JOIN FOR MORE
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