Disciplined for Dirty Dishes

Adriana is dealing with a "situation with her friends" while on her phone and an angry mom walks into the living room. Adriana was told that there was a sink full of dishes with her name on them, but she ignored the earlier requests and had also skipped her after-school extracurricular activities as well. When mom tries to take bratty Adriana's phone from her she gets snippy and argumentative saying she doesn't care about the stupid dishes. Mom has had enough of this behavior and Adriana goes right over her lap for a well deserved hard hand and hairbrush spanking. Watch her yelp and squirm as this punishment really grabs Adriana's attention as her poor sore bottom takes it all... that sass and attitude get thoroughly spanked right out of this rude, naughty young lady. JOIN FOR MORE

Taking Care of Business

Ashley is having a sleepover at Casey's house and they decide to invite boys over and have some fun knowing that Casey's mom won't be home until late. Well, they did not expect that the nosey neighbor would spot this behavior and send texts to mom. When Momma Bernadette reads the texts and confirms this with Mrs. Whippy, she rushes home to confront the two naughty girls. She is angry and scolds them both but they act like it is not a big deal. That is a big mistake as she is going to show them just what a big deal it is over their bare bottoms. Both girls are taken over her lap, in turn, and spanked over their pajamas, their panties, and of course... on their bare reddening bottoms. How embarrassing it is to be spanked in front of each other in this fashion. After the hand spankings, they are each given a leather strapping across their bared sore bottoms over the bed to make sure that the lesson is learned. Ashley is then sent home in disgrace and a sorry looking Casey is left to spend the night alone... with lots to think about trying to sleep on her sore, aching behind. JOIN FOR MORE

Destiny Spanked and Mouth Soaped

Destiny has been very rude to her mother. She has been asked many times to come and help in the kitchen and it's always the same excuse. She is too busy on her phone. Angry mom storms into the living room to have a "discussion" with Destiny the old fashioned way; over her lap. Destiny is given a very hard hand spanking across her bare bottom followed by the dreaded wooden bath brush that really has Destiny squirming in pain. This is the least of her worries, her rude attitude and continual laziness means this punishment ends with a mouth soaping! It wasn't her first soaping punishment, but it would be one she would remember for a long time, with the taste of those suds dripping from her mouth. Mom ensures that her bratty and rude attitude is thoroughly washed away this time! JOIN FOR MORE

Spoiled Bratty Elori Spanked

What a spoiled little brat Elori has become. She is supposed to be practicing piano and instead she is banging on it and complains like a selfish obnoxious little madam. Mom has received a report that she is no better while at her piano teacher for her weekly lesson. In this family, playing the piano is just one of the many skills one must aspire to. Elori wants to be outdoors playing with friends instead of her boring practice chores. Mommy takes this spoiled brat over her lap right then and there for a much deserved old fashioned spanking. Elori is spanked over her beautiful dress, then on her tight-fitting white cotton panties and, of course, in this house... spankings are always carried out on the bare bottom. She is then made to ask mommy for a hairbrush spanking. The poor wretch is so embarrassed having to ask for what she knows she deserves. It is back over the maternal lap for a hard spanking with the wooden hairbrush. Afterward, her bottom burning, red and sore... she must sit on the hard wooden piano bench and continue her practice while mom looks on. JOIN FOR MORE

Ava and Dacey Spanked at School

Ava and Dacey are forever getting into fights at their private school. Mom has been called in for a meeting with the headmistress to discuss this appalling behavior and how it will no longer be tolerated. Miss Page has to ask for a parent's permission to apply corporal punishment and a contract in writing needs to be signed. Mom is all too willing to sign this knowing how poorly behaved the girls have become. Each naughty young lady is spanked over the lap of their headmistress and then by their mother. How embarrassing for them to be taken over the knee for a bare bottom spanking with an audience. However, bad news for these miscreants as they are each, in turn, bent over and strapped. Miss Page shows Miss Bernadette (Mom) how it is done since she has never used a heavy leather strap at home with her two daughters. She takes to it naturally and straps her sorry-looking girls until their sore bottoms are a shameful swollen red. JOIN FOR MORE

Weeding out Disobedience

Momma Dana is furious with her daughter, Anastasia, for sneaking out the night before. The rules in the house are clear, once Anastasia has been put to bed... that is it, no more getting up - and certainly no sneaking out! Poor Anastasia is lectured and scolded and knows she is about to receive a dreaded, good old fashioned spanking but worse is to come. When she is asked to take her sneakers off, Dana notices that she is wearing socks with marijuana plant leaves printed on them and this infuriates her even more. Now she will be spanked for the sneaking offense and those awful socks. Anastasia is spanked with Momma Dana's hard hand and with the wooden hairbrush which really has the poor girl kicking and crying until her rounded bottom is a shameful red! She is sent to bed early and knows that Momma will not tolerate any more sneaky behavior from her! JOIN FOR MORE

Macy Spanked on Vacation

Macy has been a very rude little girl to Mom on their family vacation. She is leaving and going to the mall, getting henna tattoos, and generally misbehaving. Mom wants the whole family together and Macy's attitude needs adjusting around this idea. Rude Macy is taken right over mom's lap for a spanking. First, she is spanked over her cute tight shorts, then on her revealing panties, and finally on her bare quivering bottom. This spanking ends with the hairbrush used across her rounded, sore cheeks which really hurts as you will see from Macy's obvious facial reactions. Finally, she is put in the corner to spend some time thinking about her many misdeeds and to properly reflect, panties down, in front of Mom which is doubly embarrassing! JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy's Spanked and Diapered Slut

Mommy received a phone call from school that her daughter, Apricot, has been caught masturbating. That evening she goes to her room to discuss this matter and she is in disbelief at what she sees! Apricot is at it again, pleasuring herself, naked and without any shame whatsoever. After a stern talking to, Apricot goes right over mom's lap for a hand spanking. This is very humiliating for Apricot, being completely naked, vulnerable, and across mommy's lap spanked on her bare behind. however, there is more punishment for this brazen slut. Mom bends her over for a strapping which makes Apricot cry out in pain as the stiff leather makes its mark on her sore jiggling bottom. After her strapping, there is one final humiliating punishment. Mom is going to put her grown daughter into diapers. Yes... diapers! If she is going to masturbate in public and continue to do so after punishments then act like a baby when she is chastised then she is going to be humiliated and made to wear these cumbersome things. She won't be touching herself "down there" with the crinkly embarrassing diapers shaming her every movement! JOIN FOR MORE

Never Again

Mom has had it with her daughter Amy who hasn't kept up her end of the bargain. If Amy wants to live at home with her during college (to save money) then she needs to help out with all the household chores. The latest incident is not helping with unpacking the groceries. Instead... Amy sits in the living room, chatting and texting on her phone, as her help is being summoned. Mom strides angrily into the living room to scold the lazy minx and to let her know this is how matters will be dealt with if she wants to remain in this house. Amy is taken over the lap and spanked hard, first on her tight leggings, then on her panties, and of course... on her pert bare bottom. To ensure her lazy girl learns this lesson, she tells her to go fetch the brush which Amy finds really humiliating. Her bare bottom is given a thorough smacking which drives the point home. By the end of this punishment, Amy knows better and will never upset her mom again with such a lazy attitude. JOIN FOR MORE

Spanked and Mouthsoaped by Stepmother

Elizabeth has had enough of her new stepdaughter's behavior. It's just one thing after another... the attitude, disobedience, and downright rudeness. Stepmommy has permission to discipline Jas the old fashioned way and that is precisely what she plans on doing. She calls Jas into the living room to "discuss" the horrible rude bratty behavior but it is evident that she is not being taken seriously. Within no time at all, she takes Jas right over her lap for a hard dose of her hard unforgiving hand and the mean stinging hairbrush. Spanking isn't the only punishment for this disrespectful brat, there is more to come. She marches her into the bathroom to clean that back talking rude potty-mouth out with soap until she feels that the message has finally sunk in. In the future, Jas will think twice and treat her stepmom with the kind of respect she deserves. JOIN FOR MORE
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