A Lesson Learned Twice

Madison had just been staying over at her Dad and new Stepmom's place for the weekend. She was very rude, disrespectful, and dressed inappropriately. Madison's mother receives a phone call to fill her in on her daughter's appalling behavior, and she is beyond angry at what has happened in her absence, to say the very least! She confronts Madison about this and it is all too obvious why she was in such trouble by just looking at her slutty appearance. Madison knows better that disrespect is not the way to behave... as her new Stepmom had already spanked her. That didn't get the lesson across, obviously... so now Madison must receive yet more home discipline that only her mom knows how with her mean hard hand and a good stiff hairbrush. The naughty girl is spanked over her short slutty dress, and of course, on her bare exposed bottom with the dreaded maternal hand and brush that Madison fears most. This is a lesson that she always learns the hard way inside this home with a real maternal discipline punishment that accepts no nonsense or excuses for such poor behavior. JOIN FOR MORE

Lost Panties Spanked Bottom

Lily is upset to find mom waiting for her in the bedroom. She has been out way past curfew and simply brushes it off saying she was just with friends and that it was no big deal. Mom points out that Lily could have at least made a phone call to let her know she would be late and the reason why. After a stern scolding, Lily is told this will result in severe punishment so she takes her position right over mom's lap for a hard spanking. Mommy is shocked when she pulls up her dress to find no panties... none at all! Lily foolishly states that she lost them and this obvious lie infuriates mom further. She is ferociously hand spanked and then with the wooden hairbrush which really stings, making Lily yell even louder. Her bottom turns a dark shade of crimson and marks at the hard strokes of the brush. She is left alone after the punishment... a sore, sorry mess, allowed to soothe her poor spanked bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Fae's Severe Punishment

Fae has been told to get a part time job so she decides that Hooters is the best place to work. Mom is very upset to find this out. She didn't raise Fae to be a little slut and use her body to make money. After a good scolding, she takes her naughty girl over her lap for a much needed hard spanking. Fae is such a brat and has an attitude that needs to be spanked out of her. Mommy spanks her over the tight shorts, then on the bare bottom. After the hand, Fae is told to now aske for a bath brush spanking and say that she deserves it. This is humiliating having to stand facing her mom and ask for this. She is then given a very hard spanking with the wooden bath brush. The last part of her punishment is the dreaded family strap. Fae bends over gripping the chair to take these hard strokes of the strap. She is so sorry and begs mommy to stop. Finally when mommy feels that she has learned the lesson at hand Fae is left rubbing her very sore punished swollen bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Cara's Double Spanking Punishment

Cara's school principal decides to make a special home visit since her grades and general attitude have been despicable as of lately. She has been wearing too much make-up, dressing provocatively, and her grades are slipping. The school does not use corporal punishment, however, principal Samantha feels that this is the only way Cara will learn her lesson. After discussing this with her mother she recommends spanking as a way to discipline the miscreant. Cara is brought into the room where she is told that she is to be spanked right now and not only by her mother but by the principal as well. This is extremely humiliating for Cara to be spanked like a naughty little girl in front of mommy by the school principal. Her shame is complete by being taken over mommy's lap with a hard hand and hairbrush spanking that is even more embarrassing. Cara learns a very valuable lesson by being a far more respectful young lady at school in the future. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Girls Get Spanked

Miss Elizabeth and Sarah have a real life (D/s) age-play dynamic... and in this endearing film they enact out their roleplay. Sarah is in an age-regressive bratty role that would test the patience of a saint! She is in big trouble with Mommy: A phone call from school notified Miss Elizabeth that Sarah had created quite the little plumbing problem. She has been sneaking out of class to flush her pull-ups down the potty because they were itchy. Now, Mommy is going to have a big bill from the school to pay for this huge issue. Mommy is very upset and has a discussion with Sarah and explains that this is not okay and now there will be a punishment. Sarah complains and protests but inevitably, she goes over Mommy's lap. The little brat is spanked over her onesie but this isn't getting through to her so the snaps are undone, allowing Mommy to spank her bare bouncing bottom. Next, Sarah gets the hard hairbrush applied to her sore bottom which brings her to tears. The punishment ends with her being put into a diaper because she cannot be trusted to keep her pull-ups on. This is a humiliating and tearful punishment that ends with Sarah being spanked over her diaper for added embarrassment before being put to bed early. JOIN FOR MORE

Veronica Spanked Strapped and Soaped

Veronica has been nothing but rude to her mother, as well as the neighbors, and anyone else who dares to speak to her. Mom has had it and it is time to teach this awful brat a harsh lesson. She takes Veronica over her lap for a hard hand spanking, wasting no time to bare the insolent girl's buttocks before finishing with a hairbrush. The Mason & Pearson hairbrush is a particularly nasty implement that stings and really teaches Veronica the meaning of manners. This punishment is far from over as the dreaded Family Strap is used as the rude young madam is placed over the bed... she squeals and cries out in pain as the thick leather burns her sore red bottom. Her punishment ends with a nasty, sudsy mouth soaping to clean away the rude words and meanness that Veronica has displayed to others. This is a fitting punishment that she will find hard to forget... as will you, watching this excellent maternal discipline film unfold. JOIN FOR MORE

Rachel's Tearful Lesson

Rachel has been suspended from her private school for bullying some of the other girls and starting a fight. That evening, mom (played by Miss Katherine Worthington) calls her naughty girl into the living room. She had only just received a call from the school informing her of the shocking news as Rachel failed to mention it. She looks at Rachel's bottom but it's clear that the spanking she got at school isn't going to be nearly enough after this fiasco. Mommy takes her naughty girl over her lap for a much harder and more severe hand spanking. She is spanked over her silky pajamas, then on her panties. Finally, since she is at home, Rachel gets a mean bare bottom and thigh spanking. Rachel's bottom and upper thighs turn a deep shade of burning crimson as mommy punishes her for getting suspended. The spanking only ends with the relentless, heavy hitting wooden hairbrush that quickly brings Rachel to a sobbing mess. Her tears stream down her cheeks and onto the couch. Afterward, she is forgiven and told that she was only punished out of love and that she should get ready for bed. She is left to compose herself as she sobs and rubs her sore swollen bottom JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah's Revenge

Christina is not expecting to find her precious little girl (Sarah) waiting up for her in the master bedroom after she arrives home in suspicious circumstances. Sarah's long term suspicions are confirmed with the sight of her mother (dressed provocatively) sneaking in late at night, looking guilty as heck when she is caught out by her daughter. Now this gives Sarah plans of her own as the tables are turned... Christina has no excuses to give and is at the mercy of her daughter. She admits that she has been seeing a hot young guy behind her husband's back, and reluctantly agree to accept whatever her daughter has planned. So if Christina wants the sordid secret kept that way, she has no choice, no matter how humiliating this might be... to take the punishment Sarah wants to give her. Mom is mortified that a smirking Sarah wants to spank her just the way she dished out many spankings to her girl over the many years. This means she spanks her mom's bare bottom over her lap and uses a mean, stinging leather paddle, the one Christina used on her in the past! Sarah thoroughly enjoys dishing out the same humiliating punishment that was given to her many times in the past. Revenge for Sarah is a dish best served with her hard hand and plenty of servings of a leather paddle! JOIN FOR MORE

Disrespectful Ten's Double Spanking

Ten has really gone and done it this time. She had been extremely rude and disrespectful to the waitress while out for dinner at a nice restaurant with her family. When they get home she is confronted and scolded by her mom and aunt. They sit her down for a proper chastisement about her reprehensible behavior. She embarrassed everyone there and they will not have this family shame. Mommy Elizabeth suggests that Aunt Anna spank Ten first for further humiliation. Being spanked by her Auntie while mother watches truly embarrasses and shames Ten... but worse is to come. Auntie has a hard hand and gives Ten a mean bare bottom spanking following that with a painful wooden hairbrush whacking that has the poor girl gasping in disbelief. Then it is Mom's turn as Auntie watches while the same hard bare bottom blistering is carried out with the maternal hand and wooden implement as before... making Ten kick and wriggle over the matriarch's firm lap. The poor miserable wretch promises to be far better behaved and respectful from now on... or else! JOIN FOR MORE

Lily's Afterschool Spanking

Lily confessed to Father O'Mally about smoking "Pot" with friends. He felt it was necessary to tell her mother about this "sordid" behavior. Upon her return home from school, mom is waiting anxiously for her naughty girl. She confronts her about this and Lily is honest but that doesn't stop her from getting a spanking right there and then. Lily is taken over mommy's lap and given a spanking whilst still in her school uniform pinafore dress, then over her starched navy regulation school knickers, and of course... as always at home, on the bare, jiggling bottom. Mommy finishes this particular punishment with a stiff wooden hairbrush that has poor Lily yelping and crying out in pain as the stinging implement colors her cheeks to a shameful crimson. No self-respecting, good catholic girl of mom will be touching "Pot" in the future! JOIN FOR MORE
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